Marcus Becks

Marcus Becks

Marcus Becks, Manager (Hotel Consultant and Coach) 


Marcus Becks began his professional career with the vocational training as a hotel specialist. He earned his first merits at the Atlas Hotel, Basel / Weil am Rhein as assistant to the commercial director, then as deputy director.

At the same time, twice for three months due to a change of director, he worked in the Augusta Hotel, Mannheim as an interim director. In 1995, Becks moved to the position of director at the Hotel Primula, Bremerhaven, then, a year later, he took on the responsibility as General Manager of the Holiday Inn Düsseldorf/Kaarst – now Park Inn Düsseldorf/Kaarst. Afterwards, he worked four years as a consultant and manager of operations at unitels consulting GmbH, Eschborn.

Becks, is under contract at the RHC Real Hotel Controlling GmbH, Cologne, since 2006. He began at first as operations manager and is now in management as a jointly responsible shareholder.

Your contact person for:

  • Procedure and operating organization (management, controlling, coaching)
  • Operational and personnel management
  • Coaching of companies and people
  • Management of hotels and also interim management
  • Crisis management and renovation concepts
  • Hotel and location analyses, operating concepts
  • Hygiene concepts (HACCP)
  • Mystery checks
  • Tools (budgeting, forecasting, reporting)
  • Distribution controlling

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