Hotel Consulting

Knowledge and experience of the chain and brand name hotels, as well as of private hotels for a serious and effective hotel consulting


Through analysis, planning and support of various situations of operators the RHC Real Hotel Controlling has over the years collected, evaluated and applied extensive experience in the development and implementation of tailor-made, individual strategies. The especially effective hotel consulting to improve these findings is a result of this development work.


A collection of concepts, strategies with proof of success and experience in hotel consulting and implementation of effective concepts show quick results.

The individual components of the RHC Real Hotel Controlling strategy consulting for hotels and implementation:


  • Analysis of the hotel, the demand situation, and development of future concepts
  • Feasibility studies (including location analyses) for planned hotels or tourist facilities as well as planned expansions or modifications and professional market and location analyses are an important prerequisite for the granting of banks loans.
  • Development of lease agreements and operator models (both on the side of the tenants as well as of the proprietors)
  • Yield calculations / calculations of income rate. (Preparation of business plans and calculations of profitability for the next years)
  • Planning and implementation of controlling concepts for the costs and sales area
  • Implementation of management information systems and control instruments, because without knowledge, there is no control or early warning.
  • Human resources, management, and bonus concepts
  • Sales and marketing concepts and product, price, communication, and distribution concepts and coaching staff for the implementation of the recommended measures
  • Analysis of the deployed hardware and software and their use
  • Preparation of specification sheets, IT tenders and implementation concepts.
  • Interim- and turnaround management as well as coaching of managers


Through a close cooperation with the marketing and distribution specialist Gabriele Schulze – marketing4Results  the RHC service area in the latest marketing, distribution and sales competences is combined ideally with the grown RHC competency in controlling, consulting and operational management.

This way, promising and successful management and business concepts for hotels are formed. They can be used – according to customer request – via a management contract or project-by-project to optimize its own concepts and its company situation on a fee basis. Thus, out of a hotel consultancy becomes a powerful restructuring concept.

In a first, free, and non-binding consultation, we like to show the possibilities of a successful cooperation.  Contact us.


Marcus Becks

Marcus Becks

Marcus Becks, Manager (Hotel Consultant and Coach)    Marcus Becks began his professional career with the vocat…


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