Hotel renovation and crises management


Economic crises in the hospitality industry, declining sales, falling visitor numbers and exploding costs, have many causes.


However, in practice the hotel consultants of the RHC Hotel Consulting come very often across similar problems:

  • A lot of operational work is done and too little monitoring of market trends and competition. Unfortunately because of this, trends are often neglected, false explanations for declining sales tolerated for too long.
  • The lack of reserves and little active quality management in privately led hotels. This results in an investment backlog, which very quickly gets around on HolidayCheck and TripAdvisor and other portals. Thus, bad reviews become a massive hindrance to sales.
  • Economic key figures are not collected, too late produced and perceived or simply ignored. The increasing complexity of the decisions to be taken is not supported by important facts. Controlling does not exist as a regular method.
  • Unfavorable contract situations with inflexible or high leasing costs often lead to savings constraints that are often at the expense of quality. A serious leasing evaluation is often never carried out.
  • The rapid changes in information and booking channels is not detected early enough or wrongly and too hesitantly implemented. Lack of knowledge about modern booking technology, the use of channel managers, modern price and product strategies, and weak or too expensive sales partners lead the hotel to become invisible in many markets.

The return to a sustainable, economic stability has many names:

  • Hotel crises management
  • Renovation management
  • Turnaround management
  • Revitalizing of the hotel operation


It is important to know, there is no readymade solution and every special area, such as market analysis, cost management, distribution or earnings valuations, as well as construction projects, need proven specialists, whose knowledge is at the top of their field.

The team of the RHC hotel consultants consists of hotel experts in different areas:

  • Commercial and hotel controlling competence
  • Experts for the operation, food & beverage as well as staff management (hospitality consulting)
  • Marketing, distribution, revenue management and information technology
  • Architects and civil engineers


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