First Step a deep analysis

Operational, constructional, and commercial inventory and situation analysis


A thorough analysis is the first step in the restructuring consultancy and the key to a successful renovation. This analysis must be carried out holistically. Finally, the later success is also the result of many puzzle pieces that need to be planned and fitted together.

Depending on the initial situation, useful parts can be as follows:

  • Analysis of the cost parameters of the individual operating areas, differentiated into variable and fixed costs for each operating area (profit center). Analysis of the income structure, personnel structure and contractual situations
  • Market and location conditions as well as the position and the performance strength of the competition; identification of the target groups’ chances considering the required destination
  • Checking the building substance, condition of the inventory, the technical installations and the facilities
  • Analysis of operations and staffing, further training requirements. Procedures, quality and guest satisfaction in the individual profit centers, such as lodgings, catering, conference and wellness
  • Analysis of the marketing and sales structures and measures; guest mix, sales development, price structure, mix of sales and distribution; positioning and company image; procedures and sales orientation in the order acceptance.
  • Mystery shopping makes sense in certain situations. This begins in testing and evaluating different inquiry and booking channels, continues with quality at check in, the use of outlets and ends with complaints or by reviewing management test cases.


In the results, there are clear strengths, weaknesses, as well as opportunities and risk assessments and an action plan with prioritization.

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