Fibunet Accounting Software- sales and consulting customized for hotels


When RHC Real Hotel Controlling supports the implementation of your new software for financial accounting, then, if you wish, all processes and procedures will be put to test. You should not transfer old errors into new software…

It is not only about complying with regulatory standards, but about providing transparency that is perfect, economical, and typical for hotels. Thus, the management can make always the right decisions, based on sound figures and information.

That is why the RHC Real Hotel Controlling GmbH is the FibuNet implementation partner for the hotel industry.

The RHC Real Hotel Controlling GmbH is the distributor and implementation partner for the FibuNet accounting system.

FibuNet offers everything you expect from a powerful and secure accounting system for middle-sized companies. The software solution is fully equipped and already in the standard version covers with its comprehensive ranges of functions the majority of your needs


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