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Today, to run successfully a hotel requires more than proper training and several years of experience as a hotel specialist. The required knowledge in different areas, leadership skills and the ability to adapt to rapid market changes is hardly possible to achieve by a single entrepreneur. Therefore, RHC solves many hotel management projects with an experienced and well-coordinated team of experts.

The possibilities and types of contracts:

  • Hotel management by RHC is an exciting possibility to implement the recommended measures from a determined location. The contract duration is determined primarily by the objective.
  • Hotel interim management compensates for the loss of a business manager or prepares a business for a sale or takeover.
  • Turnaround management is important to avert a failure of a business quickly and efficiently, and to implement sustainable concepts.

Especially for investors new to the industry, but also hotel operators, who must implement the necessary changes quickly and effectively, for this, the management and operations management concepts of RHC Real Hotel Controlling GmbH are particularly effective.

Different situations in the hotel, lead to a short-term need for professional management support, E.g. absence of the manager, director or owner.

The RHC management services for hotels connect the tasks of the acting business management with targeted restructuring measures. This way, from the bridging of a change of management or change of directors, an opportunity arises for the realignment or structuring of a hotel. Hereby, the existing weak points e.g. in the reservation management, sale or the personnel planning can be done away with and replaced by efficient structures.

The continuation of a hotel business must be protected to safeguard the value of a property also between long-term business contracts. RHC secures even when on short-term business engagements, performance quality, customer contacts, proper billing, and dept collection of the sales and supports a smooth transfer of the business to a new operator.
RHC temporary hotel management represents a variable useful tool for the maintenance and optimization of existing structures, increasing profit and ultimately to increase the yield value.

The advantages of the RHC hotel management are:

The operational hotel manager draws on the expert knowledge back at the RHC headquarters. There are specialists available in information technology, accounting, personnel management, catering, marketing, online sales and much more. An extensive network of hotel professionals rounds up the offer.  From the planning to the monitoring of success are available extensive tools and concepts.

The management – business uses concepts and structures, which are usually only available in the branches of hotel chains in this quality and effectiveness. As an expert of the cooperation and franchise scene, we recommend the best and most powerful partners – where it makes sense –  and manage the business cooperation for best results.

Your contact person for a first, free and non-binding consultation is Marcus Becks.

Marcus Becks

Marcus Becks

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