Why we exist – the Mission:

Your figures can do more.
Moreover, who cannot measure, cannot control.

We provide perfect, business transparency in your company. Permanently!

“Controlling” does not mean control, but monitoring. If entrepreneurs and managers cannot control and always need to rely on the good old gut feeling in their decisions, then the company is moving like a ship without a helmsman in a storm.

In addition, any slowdown becomes a problem like a wrong course setting.

The problem of lack of transparency in a hotel does not only arise through improperly used software. The result is already there, where all the relevant figures are, namely in sales, costs and the resulting key figures in your accounting. In most cases from the perspective of the Treasury, the booking is correct, but the transparent representation of operational success can be often optimized. At the deadline and as a forecast, it needs further tools than ordinary accounting.

The consequences of economically meaningful reporting, at least monthly, are far reaching:

  • More decisions are made based on facts & trends, which can be read in their own reports.
  • New tools enrich the management strategies. A clearly delineated success in a particular area and a transparent report of accounting is understood (also externally), facilitates getting the targeted results. Good results allow a free rein. Poor results show where help is needed.
  • Early warning systems are installed. The course can be changed in time, if costs or revenues do not meet objectives and expectations.
  • (Almost) every business decision is based on facts – and less on opinions.

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