Accounting by the RHC professionals for hotels


Your accounting can do more.
Do it yourself or have it done for you!


Quick and correct accounting; transparent and timely reporting; convincing and risk-reducing controlling; it is tailor-made for the hotel industry!You decide whether you want to build your own team or make it more effective or whether you want to outsource your accounting completely or partially.

Less and less small and medium-sized hotel businesses can afford their own accounting department. More and more hotels are looking for specialized industry service providers.

Advantages of outsourcing the hotel accounting:


Qualified employees are increasingly hard to find:

Most hotel accounting consists of very small units. Real experts want to continue actively to evolve into expert teams. It is more difficult for a hotel to find qualified people and to instruct them. Service providers, such as the RHC find it easier.

More quality at lower costs:

Hardware, software and staff is required to a lesser extent, when outsourcing, than if you are to buy and organize everything yourself. Methods, such as active controlling of the often rather passive accounting, are part of quality improvement. Management must not worry about the managing of accounts. Monthly flat rates make these costs also predictable.

Concentrating on the core business

You are the host and surely, you are good at it. We are experts in accounting and controlling in the hosting industry. You focus on your core business and your profit center. In addition, we support with our core competence.


The following services are part of the RHC performance portfolio regarding the accounting service for hotels:

  • Instructions for the preparation work needed of the accounting from the hotel.
  • The control, correction, and recording of all business transactions
  • Telephone support in commercial matters
  • Running of computer-based asset accounting
  • Weekly update of the open item lists of debtors and creditors.
  • Creation of payment media for the payment of supplier invoices according to the specifications of the hotel.
  • Cost center accounting according to the “uniform system of accounts for hotels”
  • Carrying out the necessary accruals for the calculations of monthly success
  • Monthly evaluation with budget and last year’s values, electronically or printed upon request.
  • In coordination with your tax advisor


In cooperation with a pool of tax advisors from the RHC network or with your tax advisor, we support the following tasks: 

• Annual accounts
• Preparation of the balance sheet
• Income tax return
• Business tax return
• VAT return

The RHC accounting service for hotels includes postings of the ongoing business transactions in the context of § 6 no. 3 and no. 4 tax consultancy act (StBerG).

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