Daily sales report in the hotel

The daily turnover report is an important instrument for the control of the business.

Sales and statistic key figures should be collected for the periods: day, current month until and including current day, and the current year until and including current day, respectively the current, the budgeted, and the previous year, drawn up daily for each of the market segments.

The daily sales report makes possible the timely monitoring of the sales budget and is the basis for the preparation of the budget for the following year. Moreover, it can be an important tool for the planning and control of marketing and sales activities.

It would be optimal if this report could be generated with the push of a button from the hotel software / property management system. Unfortunately, this is often not the case, since some data, for example, is only to be found in the cash register system and others only in the financial accounting.

In these cases, a simple Excel template helps the daily capture.

Important data is (as already mentioned, per day, month, year, if possible compared to the previous year and budget):

By “segment” is meant the purpose of the stay. A very rough breakdown of this segmentation could be:

The segments are associated in the reservation and must be set up individually for each hotel.

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