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“Trust is good, (hotel) controlling is better…”


Controlling in the hotel is a comprehensive management and coordination concept.  Professional controlling supports the management team with the targeted effects on existing operational processes.  In other words: Controlling helps to save costs, to use resources efficiently and to increase productivity. Controlling helps to create realistic planning and to monitor the achievement of objectives.


There are several tools within the hotel controlling. What makes sense in your case, clarified in the first situation analysis.

The tools are individually tailor made for your hotel according to your needs, whether its cost and performance accounting, business planning or short-term success control. Very important in this: Only meaningful reports that give you a comparison of targets to the actual and previous year’s situations, help the need to take action, to detect in time the changes or deviation from the objectives.

Long columns of numbers are only data. Controlling turns it into information from which the need for action is clearly shown.

Following the analysis of the existing accounting system and the already existing evaluations, your controlling system will be designed by experienced consultants.


Implementation made easy

The implementation of all the changes takes place together with your team and a professional project management. This is the help for self-help.

The alternative: Upon request, the RHC Real Hotel Controlling takes over the entire controlling tasks as a service provider. Your contact person is Tillmann Liedtke.


Development and implementation of an individual controlling concept

Controlling tools and active management control and efficient controlling system integration The aim of the consulting and controlling performance is the development and expansion of the controlling structures, as well as implementing essential tasks in strategic and operational controlling. To safeguard the quality of information required for efficient controlling, the accounting of the supporting businesses is either taken over by the Real Hotel Controlling GmbH or optimized if necessary and integrated into the controlling processes.


A relationship is established between sales data (quantity, quality and development) to sales/marketing activities and expenditure and key operating figures (personnel deployment, offer quality, cost of sales and cost parameters). Hereby the success of individual businesses (profit center) and within this the development of individual guest areas and groups of guests will be made transparent. With the resulting transparency, the success of the operation is made predictable, controllable, and manageable. The data continues to serve to create reliable liquidity planning and to set up multi-year results of development scenarios. The success of the business location through the management is made measurable by a comprehensive and detailed monthly performance analysis (budget comparison and preview of results).

Target agreements for management, managers, and employees get a real and verifiable background. A consulting and controlling contract defines the consulting and controlling services:


Procedure and management tools

  • Advice and support to the conception of an individual management and controlling concept
  • Applying the following networked reporting tools:
  • 10 year feasibility study
  • Daily turnover and statistics report
  • Budget including help tools for staff planning, personnel control, contract management, monthly reporting
  • Quarterly preview of results

Operations area:

  • Carrying out inspections to check the hygiene, quality of service, proper business management and condition of the property and the inventory
  • Control of the personnel planning and management
  • Evaluation of work processes, competency regulations, job descriptions and work manuals

Commercial area:

  • Control of financial and payroll accounting
  • Support of budget compilation
  • Examination of the budget draft and support of the budget coordination meetings
  • Written monthly result analysis about the sales development, costs of sales, cost structure, staff, investments/replacements
  • Contract controlling
  • Purchase controlling
  • Control of the liquidity development
  • Examination of contracts and performance exchange with subtenants and external service providers

Sales/marketing area:

  • Implementation of transparent reports to the development of the sales costs per channel (including comparison of different business models in sales, such as retail, pay per click, merchant, etc.)
  • Examination of the marketing and sales activity plans
  • Examination of sales calculations
  • Review of the turnover development
  • Monitoring of the sales management and sales costs


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