Is your cash register still legally compliant or regular?

Is your cash register still legally compliant or regular?

The tax office wants to know everything about your sales transactions of course. It is a new law from 31.12.2016, that any change to the cash registers software must be documented, operating manuals, as well as logs of subsequent program changes must be kept.

Important hereby is:

  • The manual and procedures of each cash register must be submitted upon request to the tax office.
  • A so-called Z report is to be carried out daily. This must be fully kept and stored electronically. To be precise, the lack of end of day receipts total amount or the lack of cash reports entitles the tax office to add an estimate. This usually means a payment of tax arrears.
  • Cash income and expenditure are to be noted down daily in the cashbook.

If your cash register does not meet these new requirements, then you must if necessary, get a new cash register or request an update, so that your cash register may be used further.

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