Creation of a controlling concept

Development and implementation of an individual controlling concept


Controlling instruments and active company management. Efficient controlling system integration.

The goal of the consulting and controlling services is the establishment and expansion of the controlling structures as well as the implementation of essential tasks in strategic and operational controlling.

In order to secure the information quality required for efficient controlling, the accounting for the companies to be managed is either taken over by Real Hotel Controlling GmbH or, if necessary, optimized and integrated into the controlling processes.



The relationship between sales data (quantity, quality and development) on sales / marketing activities and expenditures and operational key figures (staff use, quality of supply, product inputs and cost parameters) is established. The success of individual business areas (profit centers) and the development of individual guest areas and guest groups are made transparent.

The success of the company is made predictable, controllable and controllable, with help of the resulting transparency. The data continues to be used to create reliable liquidity planning and to create multi-year development scenarios. Through a holistic and detailed monthly results analysis (budget comparison and results preview), the success that is accounted for by the directors of the businesses, can be measured.

Target agreements for direction, management and staff are given a real and verifiable background. The consultancy and controlling services are defined by means of a consulting and controlling contract:


Approach and control instruments

  • Consulting and support for the conception of an individual management and controlling concept
  • Use of the following networked reporting tools:
  • 10-year profitability calculation
  • Daily turnover and statistics report
  • Budget, including helpful tools for staff planning, staff control, contract management, monthly reporting
  • 3-month results preview


Operational area:


  • Carry out inspection visits to check the hygiene, quality of service, proper operation and the condition of property and inventory
  • Control of staff deployment planning and implementation
  • Assessment of work processes, competence regulations, job descriptions and work manuals


Commercial Area:

  • Controlling financial and payroll accounting
  • Accompanying the budget drafting
  • Review budget drafts and follow budget discussions
  • Written monthly results analysis on the areas of sales development, product sales, cost structure, staff, investments / replacement procurement
  • Contract Controlling
  • Purchasing Controlling
  • Control of liquidity development
  • Review of contracts and the exchange of services with sub-tenants and external service providers

Area Sales / Marketing:

  • Implementation of transparent reports for the development of sales costs per channel (including comparison of different business models in sales, such as Retail, Pay per Click, Merchant etc.)
  • Review marketing and sales activity plans
  • Check of sales calculation
  • Review of sales performance
  • Monitoring of sales and distribution costs

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